Who is Babbler?


First of all, we are hard-working agency. And hard-work produces better results. We are also a full-service agency providing its clients with a portfolio of services in all marketing communications.  This is because only fully integrated approach can find solutions to the ever more complicated problems of the recession market. Finally, we are a team dedicated to establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

We have opened the door of our agency ten years ago with a sea of ideas and a few local clients. During the ten-year period we evolve as a team and ideas generator.

In 2007 we have been contracted by the import company of “Samsung” to provide full marketing service in Serbia and Montenegro.

In the last few years we have invested substantial resources in building and organizing a network of outdoor media, under the name “outdoor communications”, with billboards covering all the major cities, municipalities and roads on the territory of Republic of Serbia.

We strongly believe that better ideas lead to better results. And better results come in many forms, like better corporate and brand image, larger market share and more generous financial results.

Our clients see us as a creative (and really entertaining) extension of their own marketing team. Using holistic and fully-integrated approach, together with each client we produce marketing solutions that affect every aspect of their business and show results promptly.

We do everything from digital platforms with robust social media, TV and radio commercials to outdoor media. Ok, nearly everything.

Video. Audio. Web design. Print design. iMedia. Outdoor.

And the list continues…